Фотография квеста «Labyrinth - The Goblet of Wizards»

Labyrinth - The Goblet of Wizards

Please make sure at least one of the players wears comfortable clothes and shoes.

very difficult
Minimum age: 8+ years old with parents, 16+ without them
You were lucky to find a hidden path to the world of wizards that no regular people can see. The magic society was so impressed that you were allowed to participate in the Triwizard Tournament. Prove that smartness and courage can beat magic! You have only one hour to go through the intricate Labyrinth with magical beasts, to solve all puzzles, and to win the Cup of Wizards. And if you don’t do it in time, you will be left in the Labyrinth forever!
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Khimki, ul. Panfilova, d. 4

Bus 484 or share taxi 469 will take you from the Planernaya Metro station to Pensionnyi fond stop. We are in the left part of the building across the street. The entrance is in the basement from the side of the street across the Pension Fund. You will see the white door with the Claustrophobia banner. Welcome!

Расписание загружается

Расписание загружается

«КУБОК ВОЛШЕБНИКОВ - прекрасный антураж, интересные загадки и головоломки, проходили втроем достаточно опытной командой и справились за 56 минут. УРА👏», Виктория Свобода

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